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Brands for you

Kynd Flower

World-Class Flower

Kynd celebrates all facets of the cannabis journey and is dedicated to raising standards across the entire industry.

Haze Concentrates

Full Throttle

Haze is the ultimate heavy hitter. Our premium cured and live resin products are the perfect choice for those who go bold.

LEVIA Drink Drops

Elevated Experiences

Rooted in simple, delicious, all-natural ingredients, LEVIA cannabis infused Drink Drops are the new way to imbibe.

Just a taste of the brands we carry


World-class cannabis flower featuring sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.


These innovative strains have unique, terpene-rich profiles that will light you up with nuanced flavors and aromas.


The ultimate heavy hitter for concentrate and live resin consumers.


Premium pre-rolled joints that make life easy.

Road Tripper

High-quality, feel-good flower for those that want to wander freely.


Cannabis-infused seltzers and tinctures are the new way to rise when you imbibe.


For the concentrate lover who knows that purefection begins at inception.


Good vapes. Good vibes. Good times.

Secret Orchard

Fruit-forward cannabis vapes of the highest quality.


Full-spectrum edibles are always in good taste.

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